Keeping Cool Whatever the Weather

In order to allow for effective charging overnight or while the case is locked the ventilation design will ensure that your devices remain cool wherever they are.

Easy Transportation

All Chargebus 1650 EXOcases come with a built-in handle and wheels which allows for ease of transportation, allowing for safe, secure and healthy iPad movement around your school or organisation.

Stand Out From The Crowd

The Chargebus EXOcase is available in a wide range of colours so that it may be manufactured, here in the UK, to suit your business, school or organisation colours and branding.

Maximum Charge & Minimum Risk

In order to eliminate the risk of overheating, overcharging or wasted time the Chargebus 1650 EXOcase uses the maximum amount of charge required for full rate charging yet cuts off when the maximum charge level has been achieved.

Be Recognised Wherever You Are

To further personalise your Chargebus experience we also offer dedicated logo printing / branding onto the Chargebus 1650 EXOcase panels.

Multiple Device Type Charging Options

Your organisation may all use iPads or Android tablets or they may utilise a number of different devices. The Chargebus 1650 EXOcase offers streamlined charging for a number of Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPad Minis, iPods and the iPod Touch as well as Android devices, Kindle and Kindle Fire and more.

Charging Fast and Charging Fully

Unlike the Chargebus 1650 EXOcase standard USB hub chargers are unable to complete a full charge when trying to charge multiple devices at once. Using revolutionary FastCharge technology all of your iPads will be charged 300% faster than with a standard hub even when synchronising and updating.

Quick and Simple Synchronisation

Save time and effort with the Chargebus 1650 EXOcase which synchronises up to 16 devices at once via Apple Configurator so that you don’t have to. No more worrying about losing documents, updating apps, setting or having to schedule updates for software as the Chargebus 1650 EXOcase does all of this and more via a single USB cable.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe Charging

Here at Onefruit we don’t take chances with your safety or with the safety of your devices. All of our Chargebus 1650 EXOcases feature only the highest quality chargers which meet USB Battery Charging 1.2 Safety Specifications. Know that when using this high-end product that not only will your devices be surge and current protected; this charging solution is also highly energy efficient too, making it the greener charging choice.