Peli Protector Charging Case
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Protector Charging Case

Mobile Phone Charging Carry Case. Customisable up to 32 devices.


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Peli Protector Charging Case

Transport, charge, sync and secure up to 32 devices – without an external power supply. Ideal for large VR deployments.

The Protector Case is a portable briefcase especially designed for charging and synchronisation on the move. The Protector Case includes inbuilt charging functionality via an integrated power source for up to 32 mobile phone devices at the same time.

Integrated into a Peli 1550; Peli is renowned for being the world’s toughest cases. The virtually indestructible cases are trusted by military, emergency services and many other industries from all over the world.

The Protector Charging Case is available in custom sizes for different devices ranging from 10 to 32 devices. Supporting all mobile phone manufacturers. For more information or to place your order, please contact our sales team.

Additional Information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 524 × 428 × 206 mm

iPhone, Samsung, Other

Number Of Devices Per Case

10, 16, 32, Other

USB Data Sync

Yes, No