Multicharger 1050 Chargebus
Multicharger 1050 Chargebus

Chargebus 1050

Charge and sync up to 10 devices

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Product Description

Chargebus 1050

10 Port Universal Full Rate USB Charger with Syncing

Charge and sync multiple devices simultaneously 300% faster with the Chargebus 1050 full rate multicharger. No longer will employees waste time hunting for missing chargers or waiting to charge their devices.

In this digital age where individuals, schools and businesses rely upon a number of devices to keep them organised and entertained throughout the day many find that charging these gadgets has become something of a negative issue. Long cords become tangled, chargers overheat or are lost and monitoring charge times has become a part-time job in itself for some.

In steps the mighty Chargebus 1050 with its revolutionary design which is designed to keep you and your digital media charged up and ready to go without costly delays.


No More Hunting For Missing Chargers

The Chargebus 1050 has been designed to make your life easier and to save you and your organisation time. Don't waste precious minutes searching for missing chargers or trying to match up the right charger to each device. This Chargebus 1050 model eliminates any hassle as you may charge 10 devices at the same time, in the same place using only one mains power socket. Fuss free charging whenever you need it.

300% Faster Charging with FastCharge Technology

Did you know that a standard USB hub isn't able to charge more than one iPad to full capacity? Not only does the Chargebus 1050 fully charge up to 16 devices quickly and easily, it also synchronises software updates, documents, apps, settings and more while charging. In addition to this the Chargebus 1050 charges up to 300% faster (even when synchronising) than a standard USB port.

Charge Safe and Charge Smart

It is essential that users don't risk damage to their devices or to themselves by using chargers that aren't correct for the device they are charging and that those they do use adhere to safety specifications. The Chargebus 1050 chargers offer in-built current protection, surge protection and meet the USB Battery Charging 1.2 Safety Specification regulations. This type of quality charge is also highly efficient therefore less wasteful, making it the greener choice.

Quick and Easy Synchronisation

Our devices are supposed to streamline our work and yet when using multiple iPads and similar we routinely  waste precious time manually ensuring that they are all synchronised properly. The Chargebus 1050eliminates this chronic waste of staff hours, syncing up to 10 devices with just one USB charger quickly and efficiently. This product is fully compatible with the Apple Configurator.

Full Rate Charging

To ensure maximum results in the minimum amount of time the Chargebus 1050streamlines the charging of multiple devices, offering optimum output yet eliminating the risk of overcharging or overheating. The result of this is a faster, easier and more streamlined charging experience.

Additional Information

Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 220 × 130 × 80 mm