Chargebus 3210 charge and sync Case
Chargebus 3250 charge and sync CaseChargebus 3210 charge and sync CaseChargebus 3250 charge and sync CaseChargebus 3210 charge and sync CaseChargebus 3250 charge and sync CaseChargebus 3210 charge and sync CaseChargebus 3210 charge and sync CaseChargebus 3250 charge and sync Case

Chargebus 3250 Case – Charge & Sync

Transport, charge, sync and secure up to 32 iPads. Integrated cooling allows iPads to be charged with the lid closed.

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Product Description

Chargebus 3250 Charging Case

32 Port Full Rate USB iPad Charge and Sync Flight Case

The Chargebus multicharger series has completely revolutionised the way that digital devices may be charged safely and securely while on site at work, school and home or even while on the go.

The Chargebus 3250 Charging Case offers a customised option for charging, syncing and transporting up to 32 iPads with a specially designed integrated cooling system which allows the iPads to be charged while the lid is down.

The Chargebus 3250 Charging Case is not however simply a standard multi-device plug in charger. Only one power cable is needed to charge all 32 iPads, saving space, energy and promoting a safer charging environment. Available in custom sizes for different devices.


Never Lose Another Charger

No more searching for a missing charger, or the correct charger when you are in a rush and your device battery is dwindling or when you want to set all of the devices you need up to charge ahead of a class or a meeting. The Chargebus 3250 Case will charge a staggering 32 devices at once from just one power socket while your USB cables are securely locked away.

Locked and Secured

The Chargebus 3250 Case offers not only charging, synchronisation and storage, it also ensures that your devices remain safe and secure at all times. A robust case as well as padlock points which are reinforced with steel ensures maximum safety and security at all times.

Green and Safe Charging

The highly energy efficient Chargebus 3250 case offers USB battery Charging 1.2 Safety Specification levels as standard. Know that when you use this charging solution that your devices will also be produced from current issues and surges, something which inferior quality USB hubs can't guarantee.

Simple Synchronisation

Keeping your devices synchronised couldn't be easier when you use the Chargebus 3250 Case which will sync, update and backup as required up to 32 devices at once using the Apple Configurator. Imagine how much time that will save you and your staff while ensuring that your iPads remain as efficient and as secure as possible.

Fast as Lightning Charging

The Chargebus 3250 Case will charge up to 32 devices fully as much as 300% faster than standard USB hub chargers using FastCharge technology. This is at the same time as synchronising and updating all devices simultaneously, ensuring that you are good to go in record time.

Additional Information

Weight 18.5 kg
Dimensions 670 × 510 × 372 mm