Transport in the crushproof and watertight backpack. Featuring padded shoulder straps and lumbar support.

Solar Panel

Solar Panel

No mains power? Recharge the Portable Presentation Kit from the light weight, fold up solar panel or 12V car socket.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Make sure your presentation’s video clips are heard with the integrated Bluetooth Speaker.



Supplied with the latest Windows 10 and Microsoft PowerPoint software.

Battery Powered

Battery powered

With a battery powered projector, speaker and laptop. You can have your presentation running anywhere, without the need for a power connection.

Charge Safe and Charge Smart

It is essential that users don’t risk damage to their devices or to themselves by using chargers that aren’t correct for the device they are charging and that those they do use adhere to safety specifications. The Chargebus USB 3 chargers offer in-built current protection, surge protection and meet the USB Battery Charging 1.2 Safety Specification regulations. This type of quality charge is also highly efficient therefore less wasteful, making it the greener choice.

15% Faster Charging with FastCharge Technology

Did you know that a standard USB hub isn’t able to charge more than one iPad to full capacity? Not only does the Chargebus USB 3 fully charge up to 16 devices quickly and easily, it also synchronises software updates, documents, apps, settings and more while charging. In addition to this, the Chargebus USB 3 charges up to 15% faster (even when synchronising) than a our standard products.

10x Faster USB Syncing

Our devices are supposed to streamline our work and yet when using multiple iPads and similar we routinely waste precious time manually ensuring that they are all synchronised properly. The Chargebus USB 3 eliminates this chronic waste of staff hours, syncing up to 16 devices 10x faster then USB 2 with just one USB charger quickly and efficiently. This product is fully compatible with the Apple Configurator.