Ease of Transportation

Transport your devices easily with built in wheels and a telescopic handle, ensuring safe transportation for your iPads and no heavy lifting for you or your staff.

Made In The UK

While the Chargebus 1650 Peli Case has been designed and produced in the UK it may be used around the world, supporting 240v and 110v power levels.

Full Protection At All Times

In order to protect your device from all eventuality this case is produced from a super-tough impact-resistant material which will also protect the contents from extreme hot and cold as well as being dust and waterproof.

Full Rate Charging

In order to ensure that your devices are charged quickly and efficiently the Chargebus 1650 Peli Case employs the maximum amount of charge necessary to get the job done yet ensures that devices do not overheat or are overcharged.

Bespoke Foam Slot Design

In order to ensure that your Chargebus 1650 Peli Case works to your exact specifications and meets all of your needs we are able to offer a bespoke foam slot service, cutting the foam with top quality machinery in order to make sure all of your different devices are catered for. This option is available with or without the outer case.

Universal Charging

The Chargebus 1650 Peli Case offers charging solutions for a number of different devices from a range of Apple products (iPads, iPods, iPhones etc) as well as Android devices, phones, Kindles and more.

300% Faster Charging with FastCharge Technology

Enjoy the benefits of FastCharge technology as your devices are charged 300% faster then they would be with other USB hubs. During this speedy but full charge your devices may also be fully synchronised leaving you ready to go in the blink of an eye.