Chargebus 1610 EXOcase
Chargebus 1610 EXOcaseChargebus 1610 EXOcaseChargebus 1610 EXOcaseChargebus 1610 EXOcaseChargebus 1610 EXOcaseChargebus 1610 EXOcaseChargebus 1610 EXOcase

Chargebus 1610 EXOcase – Charge Only

Transport, charge and secure up to 16 devices. Integrated cooling allows charging with the case locked.

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Chargebus 1610 EXOcase

16 iPad & Tablet Full Rate USB Secure Charging Case

Charging and synchronising multiple devices at once may be time consuming, not to mention often ineffective. When trying to charge a number of iPads or similar at once a standard USB charger will struggle to achieve full charge. The Chargebus 1610 EXOcase however not only charges up to 16 devices at once, it does so 300% faster, offering a full quality charge without any risk of overcharging or overheating.

As well as offering a revolutionary streamlined charging solution the Chargebus 1610 EXOcase ensures that your devices remain safe and secure at all times, both home and away with temperature protection from extreme heat and cold, a robust waterproof casing and more.

If you are looking for a portable charging solution which will ultimately save you money you are looking at the right product. Available in custom sizes for different devices.


A Convenient Charging Solution Wherever You Are

The Chargebus 1610 EXOcase offers a streamlined charging experiences as you may charge up to 16 devices at once from just one power socket (no external power supply). this eliminates the risk of having to deal with missing chargers or finding a power socket.

Safe and Secure at All Times

Devices don't come cheap and as we all know the data stored on them may be irreplaceable. The Chargebus 1610 EXOcase has been specifically designed to be strong, durable and to offer ultimate safety and security at all times without exception. A combination lock ensures that your iPads remain secure at all times.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe Charging

Here at Onefruit we don't take chances with your safety or with the safety of your devices. All of our Chargebus 1610 EXOcases feature only the highest quality chargers which meet USB Battery Charging 1.2 Safety Specifications. Know that when using this high-end product that not only will your devices be surge and current protected; this charging solution is also highly energy efficient too, making it the greener charging choice.

Keeping Cool Whatever the Weather

In order to allow for effective charging overnight or while the case is locked the internal ventilation design will ensure that your devices remain cool wherever they are.

Charging Fast and Charging Fully

Unlike the Chargebus 1610 EXOcase, standard USB hub chargers are unable to fully charge multiple devices at once. Using revolutionary FastCharge technology all of your iPads will be charged 300% faster than with a standard hub.


Chargebus 1610 EXOcase Technical Specifications

Maximum no. of devices16
Input Voltage90-264VAC full range, 50-60Hz / 127-370VDC
Power factor>0/9 @ 230VAC / >0.98 @ 115VAC
AC Input Current4.6A @ 115VAC / 2.4A @ 230VAC
Inrush Current60A @ 115VAC / 110A @230VAC
Leakage Current<4mA @ 230VAC
Output Voltage4.5 - 5.5V per port
Output Current (max)2.1A per port
Overload protection>105% of rated output power. Hiccup mode, recovers automatically when fault is removed.
Over Temperature Protection90°C +/-5°C Shuts down output, re-power on to recover after temperature goes down.
Operating Temperature Range-25°C to +50°C
Operating Humidity20-90% RH non-condensing
Safety Standards (internal PSU)UL60950-1, TU EN60950-1 approved
Charging StandardsMeets BC1.2 for dedicated charger port. Chinese Telecommunications Industry Standard YD/T 1591-2009. Supports Sleep-Mode Charging for most available Apple devices and/or BC1.2 compliant devices.
External Dimensions(L)664mm x (W)450mm x (H)380mm
Weight (without devices)13Kg

Chargebus FAQ

Does Onefruit Ship Outside of the UK

Onefruit is proud to supply our products worldwide. All of our Chargebus multi-chargers support European (230v) and American (110v) power sources, we will even ship your products with the correct power plug. Call or contact Onefruit for a personalised quote.

Does Chargebus Work with the United States’ 110v Power?

Yes, and we also supply a US power cable.

Can You Supply International Power Cables with Chargebus?

We are happy to ship our Chargebus products with your Countries power cable, just let us know when you place your order.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

We offer free shipping to the UK. Please contact our sales team for quote in your region.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Generally, we keep a good stock of Desktop products which are ready to ship next business day. All of our charging cases are built to order and can take up to 4 weeks to manufacture.

How Can I Place an Order?

Call our sales team on +44(0)2476 011835 or fill in our contact form.

How Long Is the Warranty?

We offer a 3 year return to base warranty. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

Where are Chargebus Multi Chargers Made?

Chargebus products are designed and manufactured in the UK. Unlike competing products, Chargebus’ Printed Circuit Board (PCB) which controls the power and syncing to your devices is also manufactured in the UK.

What Is the Maximum Number of iPads I Can Sync Together?

All of the Chargebus sync products offer syncing over a single USB cable. The maximum will depend on which model you purchase. The largest being the Chargebus 3250 and Chargebus 3250 Case which will charge & sync 32 iPads.

Do Devices Still Charge When They Are Being Synced?

Unlike competing products which drop the charging power, Chargebus can continue to charge multiple iPads at their maximum charging rate while syncing. There is no chance the devices will run out of battery before the sync is complete.

How Much Power Does Chargebus Supply to Each Device?

Chargebus supports USB Fast Charge technology, supplying up to 2.1 Amps of power per device (iPad charges at 2.1 Amps while most mobile phones and Android tablets only charge at 1 Amp).

Are USB 3 Speeds Supported by Chargebus?

Currently Chargebus and iPad only support USB 2.0 speeds. However, we plan to launch a new product in 2016 which will support USB 3.0.

Do I Need Any Special USB Cables to Use Chargebus?

No, you can use any Micro USB, Mini USB and Lightning cables. However we recommend you use the manufacturers approved cables.

Can I Sync Multiple Android Devices with Chargebus?

Chargebus will sync any USB devices. Google does not supply an official sync program like Apple’s iPad Configurator though.

Does Chargebus Charge Multiple Windows Tablets Together?

It depends on the Windows Tablet. If it supports charging over a USB cable (5V DC), they will work with Chargebus. We do offer bespoke case designs for non-USB Windows Tablets. Please see our bespoke case design page for more information.

Can I Charge a Mix of Difference USB Devices at the Same Time?

Of course. Chargebus is a universal charging station for multiple devices. Its auto detecting feature allows each device to draw their maximum charge without affecting each other.

Is It Safe to Charge Multiple USB Devices at the Same Time?

Chargebus USB charging stations offer in-built current protection, surge protection and meet the USB Battery Charging 1.2 Safety Specification regulations.

Can I Use Chargebus with Apple Configurator?

All our sync products support syncing multiple iPads together with Apple Configurator.