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99% of Fake Apple Chargers Fail Basic Safety Tests

Did you know? Cheap phone chargers are risky enough to burn down your phone. I don’t think it’s clever to ask whether inexpensive chargers are efficient or not intelligent. Of course not, you cannot risk your expensive devices like this.

In October, Apple revealed that it sued a third party vendor who sold poor power adapters. It was all done after a Trading Standard Test performed by a company named UL. These chargers were bought online and to test them and to check, they applied high voltage to check the insulation. Out of 400 chargers shockingly only 3 were found to provide enough protection against that electric shock.

99% of fake Apple phone chargers are lethal because fails to meets the insulation required to prevent any electric shock. However, it is also our fault as we get attracted to the cheaper prices and forgets about the quality.

burnt-socket2-2You may buy these cheap fake phone chargers thinking they are cost-friendly but you have no ideas that these fatal chargers are putting lives at risk. A number of incidents have occurred with a passage of time due to the fake Apple phone chargers.

A father reported that he got a brutal electric shock when his daughter’s iPad charger exploded. He exclaimed that his 8 year old daughter could have died due to the shock if she had touched it. However, when he ran to unplug it, his fingers were left blackened.

Are we really use to of the incidents or we act as if we don’t know? Everyone is aware of the fact that fake and poor chargers can cause harm to the phones. They are not only dangerous for the batteries but can also be fatal, just as we read above.
Consumers who want chargers almost everywhere prefer going for cheaper options available. But they are actually unaware of the fact that 99% of the apple phone chargers are not only fake but also dangerous.

We have to accept that fake USB chargers are hazardous for the electronic products. They ruin the phone battery and may also take more time to charge. A good charger will charge your phone quickly and if it’s taking more time then beware, you are using a poor charger.

We have to take in the notice that we cannot rely on every service provider thinking that they might provide us authentic and good quality phone chargers. Cheap prices surely attract us but it is the loyalty to your expensive phones and tablets that matter the most.

Multicharger 1610 ChargebusOnefruit believes in choosing quality over quantity. All our products are safety proof thus, you can have efficient, safe and fast charging. You don’t have to worry about the damage that the cheap chargers may cause. We assure that our products meet the quality assurance as they come with surge protection. Along with many features, it has inbuilt current protection. We further assure complete protection with no harm to your devices. We consider that quality matters the most and thus, our products are 100% secure.

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Onefruit Exhibit with Leader Healthcare at Milipol 2016

Onefruit and Leader Healthcare

Milipol Qatar 2016Onefruit exhibit with Leader Healthcare at Milipol 2016 to display their advantageous products and services including their new Deployable Training Kit.

Milipol Qatar gives a platform to access to the security markets diversely. Their event, Milipol Qatar is an exhibition where innovative and useful products for the homeland security are displayed. Onefruit is highly obliged to get a platform where we could showcase our diversity in the field of technology. We worked in association with Leader Healthcare with a motto to make the event a great success.

Milipol Qatar is a famous leading international exhibition that is dedicated to the homeland security in the Middle East. It takes place in every 2 years. The event is organised with a belief to showcase some of the most innovative products and services that have managed to cover all fields of industrial and public sectors.

Leader Healthcare Leader Healthcare is a health care organisation that has successfully become a pioneer in medical science. It has set new trends and standards globally. It has their headquarters in Dubai and are well rooted in India and the Middle East. Their belief of getting recognised internationally and becoming a leader in transforming the healthcare services brought us together to get the fruitful results. Moreover, Leader Healthcare stands out as a distributor for GCC region.

Qatar is an ideal place to showcase and organise an event which is solely dedicated to homeland security in the Middle East. Milipol Qatar believes that their success also depends on the diversity of the products and services that are displayed in the exhibition.

Deployable Training Kit
Deployable Training Kit

Milipol Qatar 2016 is where Onefruit and Leader Healthcare came into association. Onefruit showcased their deployable training kit at the exhibition. The kit facilitates the training sessions and presentations that are likely to be held in the remote areas and other multiple locations. The Milipol 2016 exhibition encourages all the industry players to meet up in a fast-developing environment where economic and strategic projects are conducted on a medium or long-term basis.

Features of the Deployable training kit:

  • Charge and store up to 25 tablets
  • Includes projectors, UPS backup battery, 3G WIFI router and Bluetooth speaker
  • Supplied with a laptop and Android tablets [optional]
  • Inbuilt protection against surges and currents
  • The integrated active cooling charges tablets securely with the lid closed
  • Wide-ranging AC input 100V-250V AC
Deployable Training Kit Projector
Deployable Training Kit’s Projector & Speaker

Its dynamic thermal cooling allows full power operation. Its fan speed adjusts automatically by detecting how many devices are connected. And the best part about the deployable training kit is that if any faulty device or battery is detected, it will immediately shut down itself.

If you are at a place where you don’t have access to all the facilities then, the deployable training kit is perfect for you to carry. With its useful features and advantages, you can use it easily anywhere.

The exhibition gave Onefruit a platform to show the diverse range of military flight cases with secure tablet charging facilities. They are easy to carry and we have a wide range of them available. Moreover, we displayed the deployable training kit which is really useful for the people who are in the remote areas.