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Apple Releases Apple Configurator 2.3 Beta

Apple Configurator 2

Apple has released Apple Configurator 2.3 Beta to developers, with a full released expected this Fall along side iOS 10.

Apple Configurator 2 is an app for OS X 10.11.5 or later that makes it easy to set up and deploy groups of similarly or identically configured iOS devices. Apple Configurator can be used to quickly perform discrete tasks like updating to latest iOS or installing apps or configuration profiles as well as create and execute custom workflows which configure many devices with one click.

Developers can download it from the Apple Developer Downloads.

What’s New in Apple Configurator 2.3

Saved Searches in iCloud
Keep saved searches consistent across Configurator stations signed into the same iCloud account

Improved Prepare
Set the current time zone while Preparing devices

Skip the iMessage & FaceTime Setup Assistant pane

Blueprint Fixes
Install the latest App Store app version while applying blueprints

Support for new configuration profile settings in iOS 10
Choose default app for audio calls for Contacts, Exchange, Google, and LDAP accounts Set Bluetooth

Modification restriction on supervised devices

Restrict Cisco fast lane quality of service marking or disable captive network detection for Wi-Fi networks

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iOS Deployment Primer: Apple Releases Video Guide for Device Management

iOS Deployment Guide

iOS Deployment Primer CoverApple has released an eBook to highlight the essential concepts of iOS deployment in the enterprise and schools.Unlike other iOS manuals that are full of dry reading material. This eBook, weighting in at 185MB, is full of interactive video demos and screencasts to guide you through deploying iOS.

The 64-page manual is divided into six sections “Device Management and Deployment Basics”, “Managing Devices”, “Managing Apps and Books with VPP”, “Infrastructure Basics”, “Apple IDs” and “Tips for Managing a Deployment Project”.

The eBook course will walk you through the rollout of several hundred employees iPhones and provides you with a basic course for Apple Configurator.

You can download the iOS Deployment Primer eBook free from the iBooks Store.

iOS is transforming the way people work. Whether you’re at a small, medium, or large organization, deploying and managing a large number of iOS devices, apps, and data can seem overwhelming. This book introduces you to the essential concepts, tools, and programs you can use to simplify the deployment of iOS devices in your organization.

iOS Deployment Primer eBook