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iTunes U 2.0 Update | Official Blog of Onefruit

As previously announced, Apple has updated it’s iTunes U app for iOS. 9to5Mac has got a good summary of what’s new in iTunes U 2.0.

• The new iTunes U makes it simple for students participating in private courses to pose questions on the course or any post or assignment
• Other students in the class can jump into the discussion and ask more questions or provide answers
• Teachers and students can keep up with the conversation when they receive push notifications as the discussion progresses

Here’s what’s new for teachers:

• Teachers can now create and update their courses using the iTunes U app on their iPad—getting started is fast, simple, and completely free
• Provide every student a course outline, write posts, distribute assignments, upload class materials, easily track participating students, and much more
• Take advantage of the built in camera on iPad to easily capture photos or videos and upload them for course assignments
• Create materials using Pages, Numbers, and Keynote—or other apps from the App Store—and add them to your course by using “Open in iTunes U” from within each app
• Teachers affiliated with qualified institutions have the option to publish their courses to the iTunes U Catalog—making them available to everyone for free

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How To Get Free iLife and iWorks app with VPP

Last year Apple made the iLife and iWork free for new devices brought after September 2013. Though this was great news for individuals, it wasn’t so easy for schools and businesses using the Volume Purchasing Program to take advantage of it.

Apple has now simplified the process which is outlined in this Support Document.

If your business or educational institution is part of the Apple Volume Purchase Program, you can make iLife for iOS (iPhoto and iMovie) and iWork for iOS (Pages, Keynote, and Numbers) available to your users for free.This is available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices that are iOS 7 compatible.

Program requirements 

  • You must be enrolled in the Volume Purchase Program (VPP). 
  • You will need a proof of purchase (invoice or purchase order) showing the following:
    • The devices were purchased on or after September 1, 2013.
    • The number of eligible iOS 7 compatible devices must be clearly marked.
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Goodbye iPad 2 | Official Blog of Onefruit

After three years, Apple has finally killed off the iPad 2. Apple has replaced it’s price point with a 16 GB version of the iPad 4 which was discontinued last October.

This is good news for schools and businesses who are look to save money on their deployment but are not willing to purchase extremely outdated hardware. The iPad 2 run Apple’s A5 processor with 512 MB RAM compared to the iPad 4’s newer A6X processor, 1 GB RAM and Retina display.

iPad 4 with Retina display is priced at £329 ($399) and on sale now via Apple’s Online Store.

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Airplay Support Apple TV 6.1 | Official Blog of Onefruit

AFP548 have uncovered that the latest AppleTV update brings AirPlay discovering over Bluetooth. This means that IT administrators will no longer need to worry about users accessing AppleTV’s that cross different VLANS.

Here’s one that will make educators and education network administrators realllllly happy. There’s a hidden gem in the AppleTV 6.1 update that was released today.

In addition to Bonjour over UDP negotiation for AirPlay, iOS 7.1 devices will also look for AirPlay sources using Bonjour over bluetooth when doing its scan! This means you do NOT need bonjour over UDP for AirPlay -discovery-. Once the host is discovered, AirPlay data is then transmitted over the normal network.

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Enhanced safety note and whitepaper by Apple | Official Blog of Onefruit

On the same day that Apple is touting it’s security advantages. Google’s Android head Sundar Pichai had a very different approach:

We cannot guarantee that Android is designed to be safe, the format was designed to give more freedom. When people talk about 90% of malware for Android, they must of course take into account the fact that it is the most popular operating system in the world. If I had a company dedicated to malware, I would also be addressing my attacks on Android.



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Apple’s New Deployment Program | Official Blog of Onefruit

Apple has unveiled its new deployment programs.

Device Enrolment Program (US only)
AppleID for Students Program
More enhancements to the Volume Purchase Program

Fraser Speirs has a good write up on his blog.

Yesterday Apple released two new deployment programs for iOS and Mac, and rolled out enhancements to another. I want to explain as best I can how they work together.

The Volume Purchase Program has been significantly enhanced and there are two new programs: Device Enrolment Program and AppleID for Students. Let’s look at each of these in turn.


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iOS7 Technical reference guide. | Official Blog of Onefruit

Apple has released a new iOS 7 Deployment Guide on its business website. It is worth a read if you manage iOS devices. You can download it here.

This guide is for IT administrators who want to support iOS devices on their networks. It provides information about deploying and supporting iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in a large-scale organization such as an enterprise or education institution. It explains how iOS devices provide comprehensive security, integration with your existing infrastructure, and powerful tools for deployment.
Understanding the key technologies supported in iOS will help you implement a deployment strategy that provides an optimal experience for your users. The following chapters serve as a technical reference you can use when deploying iOS devices throughout your organisation.

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Apple New tools for iOS environment

It looks like Apple will be launching some new web tools for iOS deployments along side the iOS 7.1 update in March.

Apple now has a new website called Volume Services. The site will launch with new features like the ability to “Automate MDM Enrolment” and “Buy Apps and Books in Volume.”

A tentpole feature for the new MDM system will be over-the-air supervision of deployed iOS devices, which will allow institutions to easily monitor and protect large iOS device deployments, the person said. For example, a school administrator would be able to set and lock device profiles, data and other information without risking deletion by the student.

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iOS , iWork update with Greater security | Official Blog of Onefruit

Apple has just pushed out an update to its iWork for iCloud web apps that brings a redesign for some elements of the three apps and a long list of new features and improvements. Apple has added a new iOS 7-style UI for each app’s template chooser and document library (the first thing you see when launching the apps, pictured above), but when editing a document you’ll still get the old black and grey editor UI for now. 

All three apps— Pages, Numbers, and Keynote— get the ability to add passwords and share password protected documents, spreadsheets, or presentations, as well as “improved voice over support for body text and document manager.” You can also now view a list of your documents, spreadsheets, or presentations that others have recently shared with you from a clock icon at the top of each app.

Other improvements in today’s update include new keyboard shortcuts and some highly requested editing features such as rich formatting of text in table cells.

It is good to see Apple showing a level of commitment that we haven’t seen from their online services before. I hope the sharing options continual to improve and iWork become a better Google Docs replacement.