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Griffin’s New Apple Watch Battery Charger

The Apple Watch was released in early 2015 to large hype, and has done well in the market. However, one constant complaint has been the battery life. It goes about 18 hours. For most people this isn’t a problem, as they’ve taken to training themselves to charging the watch overnight or when they get home in the evening.

However, due out in Q2 of 2016, smartphone accessory manufacturer Griffin is releasing a Apple Watch battery charger. The device is attaches to your keychain, and they say it’s designed to charge the Watch 4 times before being depleted.

The device itself still requires the user to remove the Watch before charging, but is good in a pinch, as it won’t need to be charged in the wall-outlet. Additionally, the device is easily packed into carry-on luggage or a pocket for quick charging.

Griffin is calling it the Travel Power Bank, and it will only be available for the Apple Watch. Though it comes with a micro-USB, it seems that this is only for charging the Power Bank rather than other devices.

Griffin says the device will be retailing around $69.99 USD.

griffin-apple-watch-travel-power-bank-2Still, it’s a great little device if you’re out and about, and unable to plug in your Watch to an outlet. You can still get all those nifty messages, alerts, and encouragements to exercise from the Watch.

Which, incidentally, Apple COO Jeff Williams says has been getting rave reviews.

“Quite honestly we’ve been surprised and very inspired,” Williams said on January 4 on radio program Conversation on Health Care. “So many people have written to us saying it’s helped them lose weight, it’s helped them be more active, they were pre-diabetic and have changed course.”

“And even, we’ve gotten a ton of emails where people are saying the watch actually saved their life,” he said. “In a way we didn’t anticipate we’ve gotten so many emails where people or their cardiologist have written us and said this person detected something on their watch and came in and they had a life-threatening situation and, if we had not intervened, they probably would have died.”

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The Apple Pencil Just Works

The media, and non-Apple users, are always mystified by the zeal of the corporate giant’s ability to turn out huge numbers on seemingly small upgrades. When you think about it, how silly is it that Apple is selling a pencil for £80, and they’re sold out everywhere. Not mention, the demand is causing auction website eBay to see the new device sell for over £400.

Crazy, right?

That is, until you use it. Then you get it..or you wish you had it.

Using Apple Pencil with iPad Pro  Using Apple Pencil with iPad Pro

The Apple Pencil is a stylus in word only, and built to work with the new iPad Pro. Unfortunately, it won’t work with any other iOS or desktop devices.

What Apple has done is recreate one of man’s longest used writing implements, and brought it to the 21st century. There is a reason it’s sold out. “It Just Works”.

If you’ve used a pencil before, it feels just as natural. The weight, the abilities…everything. Apply more pressure for deeper strokes in a drawing app. Tilt the pencil to shade as you would on paper. There is even just a little bit of feedback so it feels like you’re writing on a piece of paper.

While these may seem gimmicky, businesses and students have been looking for a working stylus since the advent of tablet computers from Windows. Most styluses are clunky, slow to respond and rarely produce the same results of writing with a real pen and paper.

Apple Pencil Charging Time

With the Apple Pencil, I was able to sign my name on a contract, and it looked (and felt) like my signature. The one catch is that the device has a battery life of 12 hours. However, a small adapter allows you to charge the Pencil for 15 seconds in the iPad Pro Lightning Port, and get 30 minutes of battery life.

That’s just enough to sign that next purchase order, or finish your lecture notes.

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iTunes U – Apple’s Unsung Killer App

iTunes U Icon

Search the web and you’ll find countless “best education apps” lists for Apple’s iOS devices. The number of apps just keeps on growing. How do you keep up? How do you find solid educational content? How do you weed out the good from there bad? What if you’re a high school student, college student or lifelong learner?

iTunes U Interface

Here’s a suggestion. Rather than scour the App Store for the next top educational app, take a moment to explore Apple’s iTunes U.

iTunes U is free app released by apple in 2007. Since then, it has grown to a robust resource for on-going education.  It has thousands of courses from teachers from thousands of fields – everything from a pre-school teacher that is providing educational videos on counting to Yale Professors discussing economic theory.

The classes are free, and have no sign up. It’s like auditing a college course, or having a guest teacher. The people producing these works are also fun to watch and listen to!

For a school on a budget, this a great resource. For someone looking for extra learning opportunities, the plethora of material is priceless. Additionally, as businesses pay for consulting services or sign up for online education websites like Lynda, they can instead listen to SEO strategies from the pros, get business tips in their field of study, and grow their skill set for free.

Check out iTunes U, and bask in countless hours of free content!

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Mobile deployment Business Solutions by Onefruit

At Onefruit we have always kept an eye on trending needs of businesses. Technology has always affected businesses and brought paradigm shift in making businesses profitable. When some businesses have not been able to adopt the technological advances, those results in redundant processes. So, our aim is to make available information seamlessly and reach out to businesses by various media. Our business solutions are simple yet robust.

The need of businesses is multi dimensional and they must be looked at diligently and addressed as fast as possible. In current times, businesses have even become more complex, because of their local and universal spread. Keeping this in mind our business charging and syncing solutions like Chargebus 1050 helps the business workers, visiting clients as well as prospective visitors to use our affordable  , attractive and easy to charging stations.

All our mobile charging stations are quality checked and highly compliant to industry policies. They are compliant to safety and security issues. So be it an Android device or a gadget by Apple with iOS operating system, there is no hesitation shown by business when they procure our solutions.

Another group of mass users of our solutions are at schools or educational institutions. Using our mass charging and deployment solutions, they can easily charge their device. We also make available universal cases for resting them while they are being filled. The design, functionality, safety, higher number adaptability and universality of our solutions make us an emerging and leading seller of mobile deployment solutions. 

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Benefits of Using a USB Multicharger



The daily life of modern man is dominated by the functionality of multiple devices. This sentence may depict a scene of scientific and technological advance. However, the complexity behind operating the gadgets and their accessories cannot be undermined.

The most used gadgets or devices are mobile phones, tablets, laptops and the important aspect of these devices is their usability. If we think laterally, though devices give increased degree of mobility and connectivity to the users, at the same time they need regular charging for their functioning. At the same time depending on their operating system and use of charging accessories how fast they could be made ready for use once they have run out of battery. One more dimension to add here is the operating systems they use and the compatibility of chargers which can make the process seamless and faster.  There is no need to carry a number of chargers or keep several accessories to keep your devices charged and update. Multichargers or USB charging stations are now available which can help you to sync your devices and charge them at a faster speed.

The Onefruit mobile deployment solutions bring you the following advantages under one roof.

  • A range of multi-chargers for Apple tablets, laptop, mobile phones and other apple devices
  • Central charging an syncing makes process much simpler , gives better control over accessories , less time for maintenance
  • Cost effective solution
  • Bulk charging is possible and faster charging done effectively
  • Safety issues are inherently taken care of
  • Varieties of charging stations which can be desktop or wall mounted
  • Easy to carry with specially designed case.

Unlike other USB charge and sync multi chargers, Chargebus multi chargers can simultaneously charge and sync devices without a drop in power. This can result in charging devices 300% quicker than competing products.


Having said about the above mentioned aspect of Onefruit Charging stations, it is also important to mention that at Onefruit, we also aim to provide service oriented solutions and support. Many businesses have relied on our business and have become our brand ambassadors. If you are looking for a solution which would help you managing your devices regularly, we would request you to subscribe to our blog.

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Apple Releases iOS 8.3 | Official Blog of Onefruit

Apple has released iOS 8.3 with improved performance and bug fixes.

This release includes improved performance, bug fixes, and a redesigned Emoji keyboard. Changes include:

Improved performance for:

• App launch

• App responsiveness

• Messages

• Wi-Fi

• Control Center

• Safari tabs

• 3rd-party keyboards

• Keyboard shortcuts

• Simplified Chinese keyboard

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth fixes

• Fixes an issue where you could be continuously prompted for login credentials

• Addresses an issue where some devices disconnect intermittently from Wi-Fi networks

• Fixes an issue where hands-free phone calls could become disconnected

• Fixes an issue where audio playback could stop working with some bluetooth speakers

Orientation and rotation fixes

• Addresses an issue that sometimes prevented rotating back to portrait after having rotated to landscape

• Improves performance and stability issues that occurred when rotating the device between portrait and landscape

• Fixes an issue where device orientation appeared upside down after pulling the iPhone 6 Plus from your pocket

• Resolves an issue that sometimes prevented apps from rotating to correct orientation after switching apps in multitasking

Messages fixes

• Address issues that caused group messages to sometimes split

• Fixes an issue that sometimes removed the ability to forward or delete individual messages

• Resolves an issue that sometimes prevented a preview from appearing when taking a photo in Messages

• Adds the ability to report junk messages directly from the Messages app

• Adds the ability to filter out iMessages that are not sent by your contacts

Family Sharing fixes

• Fixes a bug where certain apps would not launch or update on family members’ devices

• Fixes a bug that prevented family members from downloading certain free apps

• Increased reliability for Ask to Buy notifications

CarPlay fixes

• Fixes an issue where Maps could come up as a black screen

• Fixes an issue where the UI could be incorrectly rotated

• Fixes an issue where the keyboard could appear on the CarPlay screen when it shouldn’t

Enterprise fixes

• Improves reliability of installing and updating enterprise apps

• Corrects the time zone of Calendar events created in IBM Notes

• Fixes a problem that could cause web clip icons to become generic after restarting

• Improves reliability of saving the password for a web proxy

• Exchange out-of-office message can now be edited separately for external replies

• Improves recovery of Exchange accounts from temporary connection problems

• Improves compatibility of VPN and web proxy solutions

• Allows use of physical keyboards to log into Safari web sheets, such as for joining a public Wi-FI network

• Fixes an issue that caused Exchange meetings with long notes to be truncated

Accessibility fixes

• Fixes an issue where using the back button in Safari causes VoiceOver gestures to not respond

• Fixes an issue where VoiceOver focus becomes unreliable in draft Mail messages

• Fixes an issue where Braille Screen Input cannot be used to type text in forms on webpages

• Fixes an issue where toggling Quick Nav on a Braille Display announces that Quick Nav is off

• Fixes issue keeping app icons from being moveable on home screen when VoiceOver is enabled

• Fixes an issue in Speak Screen where speech will not start again after pausing

Other improvements and bug fixes

• Introduces a redesigned Emoji keyboard with over 300 new characters

• iCloud Photo Library has been optimized to work with the new Photos app on OS X 10.10.3 and is now out of beta

• Improves the pronunciation of street names during turn-by-turn navigation in Maps

• Includes support for Baum VarioUltra 20 and VarioUltra 40 braille displays

• Improves the display of Spotlight results when Reduce Transparency is turned on

• Adds Italic and Underline format options for iPhone 6 Plus landscape keyboard

• Adds the ability to remove shipping and billing addresses used with Apple Pay

• Additional language and country support for Siri: English (India, New Zealand), Danish (Denmark), Dutch (Netherlands), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian (Russia), Swedish (Sweden), Thai (Thailand), Turkish (Turkey)

• Additional dictation languages: Arabic (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates) and Hebrew (Israel)

• Improves stability for Phone, Mail, Bluetooth connectivity, Photos, Safari tabs, Settings, Weather and Genius Playlists in Music

• Address an issue where Slide to Unlock could fail to work on certain devices

• Addresses an issue that sometimes prevented swiping to answer a phone call on the Lock screen

• Addresses an issue that prevented opening links in Safari PDFs

• Fixes an issue where selecting Clear History and Website Data in Safari Settings did not clear all data

• Fixes an issue that prevented autocorrecting “FYI”

• Addresses an issue where contextual predictions did not appear in Quick Reply

• Fixes an issue where Maps did not enter night mode from hybrid mode

• Resolves an issue that prevented initiating FaceTime calls from a browser or 3rd-party app using FaceTime URLs

• Fixes an issue that sometimes prevented photos from properly exporting to Digital Camera Image folders on Windows

• Fixes an issue that sometimes prevented an iPad backup from completing with iTunes

• Fixes an issue that could cause Podcast downloads to stall when switching from Wi-Fi to cellular networks

• Fixes an issue where remaining time on timer would sometimes incorrectly display as 00:00 on Lock screen

• Fixes an issue that sometimes prevented adjusting call volume

• Fixes an issues that caused the status bar to sometimes appear when it shouldn’t

For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website:

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Apple Configurator 1.7.2 Update | Official Blog of Onefruit

Apple has updated Apple Configurator to 1.7.2 which adds support for iOS 8.3 and new restrictions.

New in Configurator 1.7.2

This update requires OS X Yosemite v10.10.3 and iTunes 12 or later. It includes the following improvements:

  • Improved stability in OS X Yosemite v10.10.3
  • Support for the configuration profile options listed below


Accept cookies from websites I visit, or current website only           iOS 8 and later  
Allow predictive keyboard iOS 8.1.3 and later Supervised only
Allow auto correction iOS 8.1.3 and later Supervised only
Allow spell check iOS 8.1.3 and later Supervised only
Allow definition lookup iOS 8.1.3 and later Supervised only
Force Apple Watch wrist detection iOS 8.2 and later  
Allow modifying Touch ID fingerprints iOS 8.3 and later Supervised only

VPN options

IKEv2 Certificate Type: RSA, ECDSA256, ECDSA384 and ECDSA521  iOS 8.3 and later
IKEv2 EncryptionAlgorithm: AES-128-GCM and AES-256-GCM iOS 8.3 and later
IKEv2 Diffie Hellman Group numbers: 19, 20 and 21 iOS 8.3 and later


How to install

Apple Configurator 1.7.2 is a recommended update for all Apple Configurator users. This update is available from the Updates pane of the Mac App Store.

About Configurator

To create or install an iOS configuration profile, use Apple Configurator or a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution like Profile Manager (included with OS X Server)

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Update to iOS 8 using Apple Configurator | Onefruit

Enterprise iOS has posted a simple guide to updating multiple devices to iOS 8.

Step 1: Find a Mac. Any Mac will do. Connect it to the biggest USB hub as you can find.

Step 2: Download Apple Configurator from the Mac App Store.

Step 3: Launch Configurator.

Step 4: Make sure the “Prepare” tab is selected.

Step 5: Set up the options EXACTLY as they are here. Pay special attention to make sure “Supervision” is off and “Erase before installing” is UNCHECKED.

Step 6: Make sure you aren’t installing any apps and aren’t setting anything in setup, in their respective tabs.

Step 7: Double-check the settings. Make sure you have no iOS devices connected via USB.

Step 8: Click the “Prepare” button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 9: Connect the first iOS device. Configurator will download iOS 8 and install it.

Step 10: Connect the second iOS device. It is safe to do this while the first is downloading. It won’t download the same file twice, but it will download the unique version for that model when needed.

Step 11: After download and install, disconnect the device.


p style=”margin-left: 40px;”>Step 12: When you have upgraded all the devices you want, click the “Stop” button.

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Apple VPP in new Geographies | Official Blog of Onefruit

VPP and new tools by Apple

Apple is planning to expand their Volume Purchase Program for Business and Education to 16 new countries. The list includes:

Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan,Turkey, and United Arab Emirates.

Apple has not announced a launch date for the new countries yet.