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Mobile deployment Business Solutions by Onefruit

At Onefruit we have always kept an eye on trending needs of businesses. Technology has always affected businesses and brought paradigm shift in making businesses profitable. When some businesses have not been able to adopt the technological advances, those results in redundant processes. So, our aim is to make available information seamlessly and reach out to businesses by various media. Our business solutions are simple yet robust.

The need of businesses is multi dimensional and they must be looked at diligently and addressed as fast as possible. In current times, businesses have even become more complex, because of their local and universal spread. Keeping this in mind our business charging and syncing solutions like Chargebus 1050 helps the business workers, visiting clients as well as prospective visitors to use our affordable  , attractive and easy to charging stations.

All our mobile charging stations are quality checked and highly compliant to industry policies. They are compliant to safety and security issues. So be it an Android device or a gadget by Apple with iOS operating system, there is no hesitation shown by business when they procure our solutions.

Another group of mass users of our solutions are at schools or educational institutions. Using our mass charging and deployment solutions, they can easily charge their device. We also make available universal cases for resting them while they are being filled. The design, functionality, safety, higher number adaptability and universality of our solutions make us an emerging and leading seller of mobile deployment solutions.