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Benefits of Using a USB Multicharger



The daily life of modern man is dominated by the functionality of multiple devices. This sentence may depict a scene of scientific and technological advance. However, the complexity behind operating the gadgets and their accessories cannot be undermined.

The most used gadgets or devices are mobile phones, tablets, laptops and the important aspect of these devices is their usability. If we think laterally, though devices give increased degree of mobility and connectivity to the users, at the same time they need regular charging for their functioning. At the same time depending on their operating system and use of charging accessories how fast they could be made ready for use once they have run out of battery. One more dimension to add here is the operating systems they use and the compatibility of chargers which can make the process seamless and faster.  There is no need to carry a number of chargers or keep several accessories to keep your devices charged and update. Multichargers or USB charging stations are now available which can help you to sync your devices and charge them at a faster speed.

The Onefruit mobile deployment solutions bring you the following advantages under one roof.

  • A range of multi-chargers for Apple tablets, laptop, mobile phones and other apple devices
  • Central charging an syncing makes process much simpler , gives better control over accessories , less time for maintenance
  • Cost effective solution
  • Bulk charging is possible and faster charging done effectively
  • Safety issues are inherently taken care of
  • Varieties of charging stations which can be desktop or wall mounted
  • Easy to carry with specially designed case.

Unlike other USB charge and sync multi chargers, Chargebus multi chargers can simultaneously charge and sync devices without a drop in power. This can result in charging devices 300% quicker than competing products.


Having said about the above mentioned aspect of Onefruit Charging stations, it is also important to mention that at Onefruit, we also aim to provide service oriented solutions and support. Many businesses have relied on our business and have become our brand ambassadors. If you are looking for a solution which would help you managing your devices regularly, we would request you to subscribe to our blog.