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iPad In-Flight Entertainment Systems – Onefruit Helping To Power Sky Movies

iPad IFEA Coventry business is helping to keep thousands of iPads charged for passengers to watch in-flight films.

Ben Goulding-Huckle came up with the idea of developing a quick and efficient way of charging and storing large numbers of iPads, tablets and mobiles after previously organising AV equipment for the events, conferences and exhibitions industry.

He launched Onefruit after meeting the owner of a military electronic equipment business and they decided to work together to design, manufacture and sell a range of equipment called Chargebus.

The 26-year-old attended a training course run by Coventry University’s Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship and was assigned a business mentor for 12 hours of free support which gave him the impetus to properly market the Chargebus product range which works in countries all over the world.

Ben has already delivered a large number of Chargebus’ to help keep 17,000 iPads charged for in-flight entertainment.

He said: “Chargebus is like having a mobile charger but on an industry-scale. Airlines are starting to use iPads on aeroplanes rather than having screens on the back of a seat for a number of reasons – the extra weight of every screen leads to extra fuel costs and there is the extra costs of making each screen.

“After each flight, the iPads can be collected and re-charged for the next flight quickly and easily.

“Data can be synced for television programmes and films for in-flight entertainment so it is the equivalent of having a big USB Hub since data can be transferred.

“The biggest difference between this product and others on the market is that normally when you start transferring data to mobile devices it drops the power right down to allow the data to move across but with the Chargebus it continues to charge to full capacity as well as copying the data which is good news for environments such as aeroplanes.”

A London airport is another customer of Ben’s which is using his products to enable its travellers to charge and sync their personal devices before take-off.

Onefruit is also developing relationships with schools in the UK, Switzerland and France and large businesses based in the UK.

Robin Underhay from Coventry University’s Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship said Ben had started a business in a market which had the capacity to grow massively in the future.

He said: “Being able to charge huge numbers of mobiles, tablets and iPads can be difficult if you don’t have the right equipment and Onefruit is making the most of a gap in the market.

“It is particularly exciting that Ben has already had a huge order for the Chargebus’ to keep thousands of iPads charged during the air for travellers to watch films during their journey.

“With technology products it is important to keep your marketing material simple and concise and the support Ben received from his business mentor was really important in helping him achieve that particularly in the early stages for a business start-up.”

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The Apple Pencil Just Works

The media, and non-Apple users, are always mystified by the zeal of the corporate giant’s ability to turn out huge numbers on seemingly small upgrades. When you think about it, how silly is it that Apple is selling a pencil for £80, and they’re sold out everywhere. Not mention, the demand is causing auction website eBay to see the new device sell for over £400.

Crazy, right?

That is, until you use it. Then you get it..or you wish you had it.

Using Apple Pencil with iPad Pro  Using Apple Pencil with iPad Pro

The Apple Pencil is a stylus in word only, and built to work with the new iPad Pro. Unfortunately, it won’t work with any other iOS or desktop devices.

What Apple has done is recreate one of man’s longest used writing implements, and brought it to the 21st century. There is a reason it’s sold out. “It Just Works”.

If you’ve used a pencil before, it feels just as natural. The weight, the abilities…everything. Apply more pressure for deeper strokes in a drawing app. Tilt the pencil to shade as you would on paper. There is even just a little bit of feedback so it feels like you’re writing on a piece of paper.

While these may seem gimmicky, businesses and students have been looking for a working stylus since the advent of tablet computers from Windows. Most styluses are clunky, slow to respond and rarely produce the same results of writing with a real pen and paper.

Apple Pencil Charging Time

With the Apple Pencil, I was able to sign my name on a contract, and it looked (and felt) like my signature. The one catch is that the device has a battery life of 12 hours. However, a small adapter allows you to charge the Pencil for 15 seconds in the iPad Pro Lightning Port, and get 30 minutes of battery life.

That’s just enough to sign that next purchase order, or finish your lecture notes.

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iTunes U – Apple’s Unsung Killer App

iTunes U Icon

Search the web and you’ll find countless “best education apps” lists for Apple’s iOS devices. The number of apps just keeps on growing. How do you keep up? How do you find solid educational content? How do you weed out the good from there bad? What if you’re a high school student, college student or lifelong learner?

iTunes U Interface

Here’s a suggestion. Rather than scour the App Store for the next top educational app, take a moment to explore Apple’s iTunes U.

iTunes U is free app released by apple in 2007. Since then, it has grown to a robust resource for on-going education.  It has thousands of courses from teachers from thousands of fields – everything from a pre-school teacher that is providing educational videos on counting to Yale Professors discussing economic theory.

The classes are free, and have no sign up. It’s like auditing a college course, or having a guest teacher. The people producing these works are also fun to watch and listen to!

For a school on a budget, this a great resource. For someone looking for extra learning opportunities, the plethora of material is priceless. Additionally, as businesses pay for consulting services or sign up for online education websites like Lynda, they can instead listen to SEO strategies from the pros, get business tips in their field of study, and grow their skill set for free.

Check out iTunes U, and bask in countless hours of free content!