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iTunes U – Apple’s Unsung Killer App

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Search the web and you’ll find countless “best education apps” lists for Apple’s iOS devices. The number of apps just keeps on growing. How do you keep up? How do you find solid educational content? How do you weed out the good from there bad? What if you’re a high school student, college student or lifelong learner?

iTunes U Interface

Here’s a suggestion. Rather than scour the App Store for the next top educational app, take a moment to explore Apple’s iTunes U.

iTunes U is free app released by apple in 2007. Since then, it has grown to a robust resource for on-going education.  It has thousands of courses from teachers from thousands of fields – everything from a pre-school teacher that is providing educational videos on counting to Yale Professors discussing economic theory.

The classes are free, and have no sign up. It’s like auditing a college course, or having a guest teacher. The people producing these works are also fun to watch and listen to!

For a school on a budget, this a great resource. For someone looking for extra learning opportunities, the plethora of material is priceless. Additionally, as businesses pay for consulting services or sign up for online education websites like Lynda, they can instead listen to SEO strategies from the pros, get business tips in their field of study, and grow their skill set for free.

Check out iTunes U, and bask in countless hours of free content!