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iOS Automatic Web filtering

In all the hype of iOS 7; One feature that could be big for schools, got very over looked. iOS 7 now includes a feature called automatic web filtering. Web filtering allows schools or parents to block adult related content on iOS devices.

The web filtering happens at a very low-level in the iOS operating system which means not only will it work for Safari, but any other 3rd party apps get filtered too.

The filter does seem to be very zealous with it’s filtering but if it’s an issue for your school or child, then it’s better then nothing.

How to activate web filtering in iOS 7

Under “Settings > Restrictions > Allowed Content > Websites” you can find the option to “Limit Adult Content”. This will try and automatically filter out adult content. With the automatic filter on, you still have the option to white and blacklist certain website from this setting page or when you hit a blocked website (your restrictions passcode is need).  

IT administrators can also deploy web filtering in their Configuration Profile through Apple Configurator or MDM.